WorldEdits’ Mission

Provide high-quality, accessible, cooperative and profit-generating English editing and customization services. Facilitate global trade of outstanding products and services. Assist outstanding for-profit and non-profit organizations in advancing their efforts through communication.

About the Founder

Adam G.

Hometown: Boston area, Massachusetts, USA

Degrees: BA Journalism, MA International Social Development, MS Health Sciences

Qualifications: Board-certified Editor in Life Sciences (ELS), Japanese language proficiency test level 2

Languages: English (native), Japanese (business), German (basic)

Time living abroad: 20 years and counting

Industries worked in: Wireless Communications, Healthcare, Internet, NGOs/Nonprofits, United Nations, University, Translation, Economics, and of course Editing

Countries worked in: US, Japan, Australia, Cambodia, Thailand

From the start

I started my editing and writing career early, in 4th grade, when I designed my own newsletter on baseball and handed it out at my elementary school. I went on to be an arts editor for my college newspaper and earned my BA in Journalism with a minor in creative writing. Then I worked with some of the very first Internet startups. All the while, I was preparing documents, managing writers, and developing original materials. I started traveling for new work and experiences and spent 1 1/2 years in Japan where I worked in technical support yet ultimately wound up writing and editing documentation, while also helping private students refine their English communication. This was great, but I also chose to follow my passions of international social development and health sciences. I earned master’s degrees in both areas.

Travel, but work

I worked some time in Thailand and Cambodia on social development/NGO/UN projects. In my second time in Japan I have worked in translation, with a governmental economic think tank, and editing for industry and academia. I am a workaholic, without a doubt, because I love my work. Academic editing is a joy, but I’m at my happiest and most driven when I am working with companies and organizations to facilitate international communication. That is why WorldEdits is devoted to services that will help businesses and businesspeople of all nations succeed. I have a strong commitment to social and gender equity and justice, and I believe that work opportunities and income generation can lift people out of poverty, help people realize quality of life, and eliminate poverty and unrest. This is my little contribution and I hope I can help you.

In my free time, I like studying new things, exercise, and meeting with my wonderful international friends.


WorldEdits Adam

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