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  • Writing and editing of property or site listings
  • Help with correspondence
  • Sales writing
  • Marketing writing
  • Signs and warnings
  • Local guide materials
  • Localization and cultural advice for dealing with different nationalities


Not very long ago, travel meant you needed to find a hotel, B&B, or, if you were on a budget, a guesthouse or hostel (a campground if you were really roughing it). Thanks to services such as Airbnb, you can now live like a real resident, in a real home, in the community. And for those with an extra room or a property in which they don’t need to live, income opportunities are limitless. Of course, letting a stranger into your home, comes with uncertainty and a lot of questions. Good English in your listings, communications, and preparation of your property will clear up almost any problem. Additionally, there couch-surfing, tour guide, and other such independently run travel service sites. Any of these that are international require English listings, or highly recommend them.

English communication skills are vital in the international travel and tourism industry, which included private service providers. Forget auto-translation; it will only confuse things. And don’t rely on cheap translations that know nothing about you and your property. Use our high-quality English editing to make attractive listings and have clear and sharp communications.

Describe your beautiful apartment near the beach. Make readers fall in love with the idea of staying in your community. Promote the special joys of your local food tours. It all starts with an accurate and compelling description of what you are offering. Our editing and proofreading services can offer you that.

Most of the room-sharing and service-based economy revolves around trust, and this is established through clear and honest communication. From tourism web pages to B&B advertisements, we will make your online efforts appear in attractive English. We can also assist with your customer queries and with answering personal requests.

BUSINESS HOMEPAGE EDITING & LOCALIZATIONMaking an English Homepage that Cross Cultures and Sells Story and Product

Name:Anita Lao (52)
Company:Sing leh Hostel
Industry:Travel and Tourism
Background:Mrs. Lao and her husband live in a roomy apartment in the heart of Hong Kong. Their children have moved out and they have a pair of empty rooms. Being in Hong Kong, they have reasonable understanding of English and can get by verbally. They hope to have some foreign visitors who they can both help learn about the city and in return improve their English. Mrs. Lao decides to clean out the rooms, put in new furniture, and list on Airbnb. She does her best with English and puts up a listing. Yet after 3 months, only two Taiwanese couples have stayed there. Numerous foreigners from around the world have written, but never written back after having their questions answered. Something about the listing is not connecting with international travelers. Maybe the emails aren’t answering the questions. This may be a good thing, because the apartment has no guide materials on the area or on the rules of the building. There are lots of areas that need help and will quickly fill up those rooms, because Hong Kong is popular year-round.

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Adam had never worked with my company’s products, but he immediately studied them and became like an expert. He always suggests much better sentences for my business needs, along with good advice and explanation, instead of just proofreading. For ESL learners, this is very helpful, and for my business it’s fantastic. He is also very diligent and caring. Even during off hours he returns my urgent requests quickly, and perfectly done.

Busan, South Korea - WorldEdits editing and proofreading
E. Kim
Sales Director, B-to-B Manufacturer (Busan, Korea)

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Identify and fix all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical, and other English-language errors
Improve clarity, style, paragraph, syntax, and sentence structure
Create appropriate tone, layout, font use, numbering, and introduce layout that is appropriate for the audience
Pinpoint areas of cultural difference and adjust all aspects of the language and presentation to suit the intended audience
Consult with you on issues of specialized language, search engine optimization (SEO), and other added value we see as necessary for success
Correct all formatting to your in-house style preference, use consistent style, or use a standardized style guide such as Harvard, APA, or Chicago/Turabian