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The owner and chief editor is a US citizen with over a decade of experience living abroad in both English-speaking and non-native-English-speaking countries. He has been an editor for over 20 years.

We also have a network of editors around the world when more specialized scientific editing (e.g., mathematics, physics, chemistry) is required. We will not accept your work if we feel we can not only fix up the essential spelling and grammar, but add field-appropriate insight.

This largely depends on what you submit. Many people confuse proofreading with editing. Proofreading is merely fixing up the typos and perhaps a light check of the word choice. Real editing requires years of experience, couple with diverse knowledge on the tone and nuance of the English language.

We aim to provide this form of real editing unless the original is already in good shape and only requires a proofread. Whatever work we do, the price is the same.

I know, from an insiders’ perspective, that many of these other services hire what I’d consider, at best, “proofreaders.” Such people include English teachers, students, everyday people, and even those from countries such as the Philippines and India where English is an “official” language but not the native language. As such, many people are not capable of producing language at a native level. Furthermore, in many of these countries saying “no, I can’t do it” is not part of the culture, so you’re more likely to get a big “yes, we can do that” even if they completely don’t understand the content. It’s sad; you’ll pay money and your English may be worse. Such so-called editors can often be found selling their services on popular freelancing sites for almost absurdly low rates. They are frauds and imposters.

But yes, there are some very good sites too. Typically anywhere that charges 1 or 2 cents per word is either not qualified or will only do a superficial proofread of spelling and grammar.

When you choose WorldEdits, you get professional, personal, guaranteed native English editing by highly qualified editors. In most cases, that’s me. I have been editing for 20 edits, and largely with ESL/EFL customers. I have worked with industry, academia, and government. My prices are reasonable, especially for the level of service, speed, and quality. I am an actual editor.

Moreover, as I especially desire to help those in developing and emerging economies, we will do our best to provide equally high-quality, truly advanced editing at more affordable prices. I want you to succeed and help your country succeed.

Our main areas of specialty include business, economics, social sciences, health sciences, medicine, and humanities. However, as we have access to a network of talented specialists, many with PhDs, we can accommodate requests in other areas.

And of course, if you only require a proofread and you are confident in the scientific content of your work, we will do a terrific job proofreading your work.

In principle, customers from developing nations as per IMF Emerging and Developing Economy classification will receive 25% off the listed prices. However, not everyone in countries not on that list can necessary afford professional editing. You may be strapped with debt from tuition expenses, or struggling with multiple jobs while you try and launch your company. We’ve been there too, and we’re will to listen to your story and arrange something within your budget.

Absolutely not. No matter where you live, you are 100% a human on this Earth and, moreover, you are striving to improve your personal and/or family situation by selling a product, studying, or simply looking for a new job.

We admire that, and we support that by sharing our abilities with you. It may be an overstatement, but we’d say that even communication is a human right.

We do not do any form of academic editing. We also recommend you have journal submissions and dissertations edited by an expert academic editing company. Whatever you do, do not submit them to cheap (e.g. ~2 cents/word) all-purpose proofreading “sweatshops” or so-called microediting companies. Pay more and use an expert. I’m happy to make recommendations if you get in touch.

We are more than happy to re-edit a work to your satisfaction. Kindly detail your wishes as much as possible and we will promptly revise the work. It is not in our interest for customers to be unhappy with the work because we want you to use us again, and tell your friends about us.

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If you have a simple order such as specific documents that you want editing, simply use the Order form. If you have a bigger project, a number of different types of files, or anything more complex than a basic edit, please use the Quotes & Inquiries form or feel free to send an email with as much detail as possible.

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Adam had never worked with my company’s products, but he immediately studied them and became like an expert. He always suggests much better sentences for my business needs, along with good advice and explanation, instead of just proofreading. For ESL learners, this is very helpful, and for my business it’s fantastic. He is also very diligent and caring. Even during off hours he returns my urgent requests quickly, and perfectly done.

Busan, South Korea - WorldEdits editing and proofreading
E. Kim
Sales Director, B-to-B Manufacturer (Busan, Korea)