Onsite Assist (Japan only)


Full in-person support onsite anywhere in Japan. Basically I travel there (or send someone) and put myself at their disposal. Price includes transport (in Japan) and accommodation.

WorldEdits English - Onsite Assist

Recommended situations: When setting up a new business, homepage redesign, extensive translation, and language-oriented projects that are best done in person

Editing, proofreading, and many language jobs can be done online via email and other forms of file exchange. However, if you are doing a large English language project, such as a homepage redesign or a marketing campaign, you project may be more efficient and accurate with an on-site assistant.

We send an editor to your place of work as an in-house staff member. This lets us see your actual operations and gain a thorough understanding of your product and your mission. Additionally, as pay is by the hour, rather than the word, you can achieve a constant flow of production. This permits continual discussion and feedback with no time delay from e-mail.

Some possible projects are:

  • Coordinating website redesign or creation with your translator and designers
  • Editing year-end manuals and reports
  • Creating resumes and preparing staff going abroad
  • Preparing for international exhibitions that require marketing materials
  • Editing large batches of any form of document
  • Assisting the set up or reform of a hotel, restaurant, or bar with creating signs, menus, and guides
  • Assisting the set up or reform of a company or organization that is planning to accept foreign employees or overseas students
  • Cataloging and describing product inventory and services for online sales on company sites or online marketplaces

This service is only for serious clients and currently only available in Japan.

Send us anywhere in Japan and put us to work. You’ll have your very own in-house editor for regular working hours.

ONSITE ASSIST & LOCALIZATIONTaking a Japanese Company International

Name:Hiro Kurosawa
Company:Kat Tools, KK
Industry:Machine Equipment
Background:Mr. Kurosawa’s father founded the company as a manufacturer of auto repair tools in 1975. Since then, it has become one of Japan’s well –known brands, with its product portfolio expanding to other repair equipment. Under Hiro’s stewardship, the company is poised to expand to the Western market. He wants the best English language editor in Japan to oversee the development of the content for their English website and marketing materials. He also wants training for his staff on Western culture to make them better international communicators.

Recommended Services: Onsite Assist, All Editing Services

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Adam had never worked with my company’s products, but he immediately studied them and became like an expert. He always suggests much better sentences for my business needs, along with good advice and explanation, instead of just proofreading. For ESL learners, this is very helpful, and for my business it’s fantastic. He is also very diligent and caring. Even during off hours he returns my urgent requests quickly, and perfectly done.

Busan, South Korea - WorldEdits editing and proofreading
E. Kim
Sales Director, B-to-B Manufacturer (Busan, Korea)

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Some of Our Advantages

Premium Work, Competitive Prices

We keep our prices competitive, even tough we provide a much deeper level of service than generalist proofreading companies. We refine and polish your documents at fair prices, despite this superior quality. We also offer revisions to adjust the work to satisfy you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are not satisfied if you are not satisfied. If we have to put in extra time on weekend, holidays, or making substantial revisions, we will do it. With over a decade of experience in many forms of sensitive editing, we know that when you’re not happy, we didn’t do our job right.

Fast Reply, 7-day Availability

You can place and check on your order at any time. We are a global company and there’s always someone awake. We understand this and your deadlines are our priority. We aim to deliver error-free work to you on time.

Safety and Confidentiality

Our service is absolutely safe and confidential. We use encryption technology to ensure anything you transmit is secure and kept private. Payment is made either through a standard international system or by direct transfer. In most cases we will not even know your private information. We rely on the most secure systems to take care of that.

What We Do When We Edit Your English

Identify and fix all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical, and other English-language errors
Improve clarity, style, paragraph, syntax, and sentence structure
Create appropriate tone, layout, font use, numbering, and introduce layout that is appropriate for the audience
Pinpoint areas of cultural difference and adjust all aspects of the language and presentation to suit the intended audience
Consult with you on issues of specialized language, search engine optimization (SEO), and other added value we see as necessary for success
Correct all formatting to your in-house style preference, use consistent style, or use a standardized style guide such as Harvard, APA, or Chicago/Turabian