WorldEdits English - Business Homepage

Business Homepage EditingYou need to make your message clear, in professional English.

WorldEdits English - Business Documentation

Business DocumentsProtect your brand’s image and build credibility by having us edit your English-language business documents.

WorldEdits English - Business Presentation

Business PresentationsThey’re going to love your presentation after we clean it up for you and prepare you to talk to the world.

WorldEdits English - Onsite Assist

Onsite Assist (Japan Only)Send us anywhere in Japan and put us to work. You’ll have your very own in-house editor for regular working hours.

WorldEdits English - Food and Beverage

Food & BeverageLet’s make a delicious partnership and get you some global business!

WorldEdits English - Advertising

Advertising & MarketingThis is no proofread – this is a customized language revision experience.

WorldEdits English - Social Media Supprort

Social Media SupportOur professional editing and proofreading services will help you come up with the right words to make sure your brand stands out from the online crowd.

WorldEdits English - Personal Homepage

Personal HomepageAs with all WorldEdits services, unlike factory-line “proofreading services”, our approach is tailored specifically to you, in consultation.

WorldEdits English - Virtual Assistance

Virtual AssistExpert advice via Skype or another teleconferencing software.

WorldEdits English - NGO & NPO Homepage Editing

NGO & NPO Editing ServicesYou must clearly describe the need for the proposed project, how it can make a difference in the community, and why your organization is the best fit for the work.

WorldEdits English - NGO & NPO Advertising and Marketing

NGO & NPO Advertising & MarketingWe edit your marketing materials to make them engaging and informative to attract consumers to your product or services.

WorldEdits English - NGO and NPO Homepage Editing

NGO & NPO Homepage Editing & LocalizationWe’re your friends and partners for hire and we support Brand You.

WorldEdits English - Resume and CV

Resume & CV WritingIt goes without saying that it should also be properly formatted, phrased, structured, and 100% free of language errors.

WorldEdits English - Accomodation

Private Accommodations & Private ListingsFrom tourism web pages to B&B advertisements, we will make your online efforts appear in attractive English.

WorldEdits English - Marketplace

Marketplace Advertising & ListingOnline auctions are dynamic and competitive. We give you an essential edge in the global market.

Get your project started. We'd love to work with you.

Some of Our Advantages

Premium Work, Competitive Prices

We keep our prices competitive, even tough we provide a much deeper level of service than generalist proofreading companies. We refine and polish your documents at fair prices, despite this superior quality. We also offer revisions to adjust the work to satisfy you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are not satisfied if you are not satisfied. If we have to put in extra time on weekend, holidays, or making substantial revisions, we will do it. With over a decade of experience in many forms of sensitive editing, we know that when you’re not happy, we didn’t do our job right.

Fast Reply, 7-day Availability

You can place and check on your order at any time. We are a global company and there’s always someone awake. We understand this and your deadlines are our priority. We aim to deliver error-free work to you on time.

Safety and Confidentiality

Our service is absolutely safe and confidential. We use encryption technology to ensure anything you transmit is secure and kept private. Payment is made either through a standard international system or by direct transfer. In most cases we will not even know your private information. We rely on the most secure systems to take care of that.

What We Do When We Edit Your English

Identify and fix all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical, and other English-language errors
Improve clarity, style, paragraph, syntax, and sentence structure
Create appropriate tone, layout, font use, numbering, and introduce layout that is appropriate for the audience
Pinpoint areas of cultural difference and adjust all aspects of the language and presentation to suit the intended audience
Consult with you on issues of specialized language, search engine optimization (SEO), and other added value we see as necessary for success
Correct all formatting to your in-house style preference, use consistent style, or use a standardized style guide such as Harvard, APA, or Chicago/Turabian