How it Works & Prices

Decide on your service and go to Orders/Quotes. Enter as much information as possible and attach your files. Or mail them directly to adam (at)

Fill out all the fields and attach your files.

Wait to receive our estimate, or otherwise we will contact you if we need more information.

Make a pre-payment, which confirms your acceptance of the price.

Receive your edited work, request revisions, complete payment.

Pricing Overview

We aim to keep the payment process as simple as possible.
In principle, the following prices apply for the respective turnaround:
*Note that 1 day = 24 hours from receipt of your job, Monday to Friday, Japan time as the standard.

1 day:


3 days:


5 days:


*Prices are for up to 5,000 words, after that, allow an additional day for each 1,000 words. These prices will be reduced by 25% (or more in extenuated circumstances) for those who provide reasonable proof of residency in a developing nation. We generally take you on your word as we like to trust our customers, and for them to trust us. Check this link to see if your country qualifies.

WorldEdits will be happy to provide a FREE EDITING SAMPLE of up to 200 words so you can see whether our services fit your needs.


These are also baseline prices and we can prepare a special offer for larger jobs such as webpage localization.

Naturally, not all jobs are the same. If you text contains, for example, long lists of names of chemical abbreviations, numbers, or mathematical equations, we certainly will not charge you for that.


Partial payment is requested before work commences. This is best done through our simple, secure, Stripe-based payment systems as soon as we provide you with an estimate. We can also arrange PayPal, transfer, or other systems to match your needs.