Social Media Support & Management


Writing or editing of posts for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media for business purposes, includes expert advice and strategies for displaying content in the right tone for social media.


“Social media” is posting pictures of your lunch and tagging your friends.
“Social media marketing” is a tactical plan for delivering value to your targeted audience and reinforcing your site’s character and credibility.

So many companies confuse the two. Moreover, if the posts have spelling errors and unnatural language, they make your business look even less credible.

We help you understand the difference, and put your posts in a tone suited to your industry and audience.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, along with a host of other specialized platforms are no longer a charming add-on for a company. They are now an indispensable part of your digital marketing strategy.

We can be your regular partner as you establish your company or personal brand on social media.

We won’t just fix the language, we’ll customize it to the platform, intended audience, and objective. If we notice your strategy is a bit confusing or inconsistent with your business objectives, we’ll work with you to create a plan and stick to it. Using tools such as Buffer and HootSuite, we can even be your English social media manager.

Our professional editing and proofreading services will help you come up with the right words to make sure your brand stands out from the online crowd. We can check your photos, infographics, videos, anything you plan posting online.

We can also check your social media content calendar and offer suggestions on how to project your online profile with appropriate and correct English. We are very sensitive to this and we will never judge you on your English. Instead, we will improve it to your satisfaction, working with you in using powerful language to communicate with the world. We can do this is 1 day (because you need quicker turnaround for such content) and as a regular service.

This is an invaluable service both for companies and active social media enthusiasts looking to go international with their blogs, vlogs, and influence.

Contact us for details. And please don’t ever again post a picture of your lunch on your business account, unless you’re a restaurant. 😉

SOCIAL NETWORKINGAn Influential Blogger Looking to Go International

Name:Jenny Li (28)
Position:Fashion Blogger
Background:Ms. Li quit her job as a sales associate in one of Taiwan’s major malls when she found out that she could earn more as fashion blogger. She earns money from product endorsements on her site and on her social media accounts. Currently, she has thousands of followers on her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account, and her blog is widely read. Companies frequently contact her to send her samples and ask her to write about them. Even though she has posted primarily in Chinese, she has noticed more and more English comments. She speaks reasonable conversation English and is studying hard to get better because she sees an opportunity to introduce the world to Taiwan’s best fashions. To do that, she needs someone to proofread her English content so that the tone and style attracts her target market.

Recommended Services: Professional Editing, Social Media Support

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Adam had never worked with my company’s products, but he immediately studied them and became like an expert. He always suggests much better sentences for my business needs, along with good advice and explanation, instead of just proofreading. For ESL learners, this is very helpful, and for my business it’s fantastic. He is also very diligent and caring. Even during off hours he returns my urgent requests quickly, and perfectly done.

Busan, South Korea - WorldEdits editing and proofreading
E. Kim
Sales Director, B-to-B Manufacturer (Busan, Korea)

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Some of Our Advantages

Premium Work, Competitive Prices

We keep our prices competitive, even tough we provide a much deeper level of service than generalist proofreading companies. We refine and polish your documents at fair prices, despite this superior quality. We also offer revisions to adjust the work to satisfy you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are not satisfied if you are not satisfied. If we have to put in extra time on weekend, holidays, or making substantial revisions, we will do it. With over a decade of experience in many forms of sensitive editing, we know that when you’re not happy, we didn’t do our job right.

Fast Reply, 7-day Availability

You can place and check on your order at any time. We are a global company and there’s always someone awake. We understand this and your deadlines are our priority. We aim to deliver error-free work to you on time.

Safety and Confidentiality

Our service is absolutely safe and confidential. We use encryption technology to ensure anything you transmit is secure and kept private. Payment is made either through a standard international system or by direct transfer. In most cases we will not even know your private information. We rely on the most secure systems to take care of that.

What We Do When We Edit Your English

Identify and fix all grammatical, punctuation, spelling, typographical, and other English-language errors
Improve clarity, style, paragraph, syntax, and sentence structure
Create appropriate tone, layout, font use, numbering, and introduce layout that is appropriate for the audience
Pinpoint areas of cultural difference and adjust all aspects of the language and presentation to suit the intended audience
Consult with you on issues of specialized language, search engine optimization (SEO), and other added value we see as necessary for success
Correct all formatting to your in-house style preference, use consistent style, or use a standardized style guide such as Harvard, APA, or Chicago/Turabian