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I love to write, but writing’s even better when it’s cooperative. So I welcome your posts on a huge range of topics. WorldEdits has a good reputation and is run by a veteran academic editor and ELS. Why not use it to spread your message?

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Scientific communication
  • Research skills
  • Publication challenges if English isn’t your first language
  • The academic environment in your country or region
  • Research in the developing nations
  • Editing and publication in the hard sciences (i.e., areas I don’t cover)
  • Anything else you might have in mind, just ask
Topics not accepted are:
  • Basically anything immediatley related to editing in the social sciences

How to propose an article:

Use the form below or mail me directly: adam(at)worldedits.com
Please tell me: Your proposed topic, why you’re qualified to write about it, your company or service, SNS, and/or other information you want to link to.
Requirements: Your post must be at least 500 words, be 99% free of language errors, be 100% original, and not posted anywhere else. You must not link to commercial services other than your own. You must not be a competitor of WorldEdits, though indirect competitors will be strongly considered. Cooperative relationships are always best, and the academic community also benefits from open sharing of resources. You’re welcome to include images, video, supporting links, references, etc. Your name’s on it, so make it represent you well.
Please note: Even if your request is accepted, I reserve the right to ask for revisions and make necessary edits for format and readability. You won’t retain rights to the article, though you can request to have it removed or have links/specific information changed. I cannot guarantee a response to those requests, but naturally I’ll fulfill them as soon as I can.

This is of course free, and I would love to reciprocate with content and for you to share the link to your writing on social accounts, etc.

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