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...and for a better world

Editing, formatting, rewriting for researchers, scholars, doctors and other health professionals, NGOs/NPOs, scientific companies, governmental ministries, think tanks… An experienced editor who’s on your team, so your work changes the world.

Experienced. Cooperative. Comprehensive.

For ESL/EFL speakers to convey their research findings in clear, academically appropriate English.

Real editing is not just proofreading, not just copy editing.

A board-certified (ELS) life sciences editor with a 15-year track record of helping authors succeed.

Manuscript Editing

Scientific, academic publishing has its own language and rules. You must know them.

  • How to structure your manuscript
  • The right terminology and tone
  • English that native speakers use

I’ll fix all that, for academic research and reports. Language editing, copy editing, proofreading, and a success partner. 

Report Editing

You’ve done the research and writing. Now the readers need to understand it! 

I apply trained editing skills and a background in development studies, business, and science

If you realize a grammar app, a cheap freelancer, or a well-intentioned friend with good English doesn’t give you the language quality you want, call on me.

Key Areas of Expertise

I can do scientific, academic language editing with high confidence in all the following fields, as well as most social sciences.

Health & Social Sciences





Health Care

Public Health


Health Economics


Behavioral Science

Infectious Diseases


Clinical Applications

Mental Health

Sports Medicine

Community Health



Environmental Health



So many editors in this world. Why choose this one?

Because you don’t want to take chances. Because you value honesty and integrity. Because you want great results.
Choose me when you want a trained, proven editor who specializes in the health and social sciences.

I’m Adam Goulston, MBA, MS, MISD, ELS, a US-born board-certified native-English-speaking scientific editor (verify me in the BELS directory). I live and work in Asia. I’ve edited 2,000+ manuscripts in fields ranging from clinical sciences to public policy to business & economics. You’ll work with me personally.

Qualifications, Track Record

Over 2,000 scientific manuscripts edited, in clinical sciences, health and public policy, IT, sociology, and more

Hundreds of policy papers, NGO reports, annual reports, investor materials, edited (and translated)

Personal, one-to-one service (unlike an agency or a dodgy all-purpose freelancer site)

MBA, MS Health Sciences, MA International Development, BA Journalism, Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences

Editor and digital marketer at Silicon Valley and Tokyo startups, NGOs, government agencies

Edited Manuscripts for Client Authors Have Been Successfully Published in...

  • Accident Analysis & Prevention
  • Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research
  • Applied Research in Quality of Life
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
  • BMC Infectious Diseases
  • BMC Open
  • BMC Palliative Care
  • Clinical Rheomatology
  • Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  • European Journal of Oncology Nursing
  • European Management Journal
  • Health
  • Health Policy
  • International Journal of Health Promotion and Evaluation
  • International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
  • International Journal of Pharmacy Practice
  • International Journal of Technology and Design Education
  • Journal of Clinical Medicine
  • Journal of Infection and Chemotherapy
  • Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • Liver International
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Ocean & Coastal Management
  • Psychology, Health & Medicine
  • Juntendo Medical Journal
  • Natural Hazards
  • SAHARA-J Journal of Social Aspects of HIV-AIDS
  • Social Science & Medicine
  • Sustainability Science
  • Universal Access in the Information Society
  • ...and others

Questions? Ask me anything.

Your research, your work, your life – this is what you spend your time and passion on. Getting published and getting heard is essential. My sole job is editing you to success.

Naturally it’s free to ask.

If you want to send attachments, please use the longer Contact form. If you have a really long message, contact me directly at adam(at)worldedits.com


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