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Résumés/CVs, Cover Letters, Personal Websites, Personal Statements, Statements of Purpose, Speeches, LinkedIn Profiles, Social Media, Editorial Content (Article, Blog Post), etc.

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Much more than proofreading

Adam had never worked with my company’s products, but he immediately studied them and became like an expert. He always suggests much better sentences for my business needs, along with good advice and explanation, instead of just proofreading. For ESL learners, this is very helpful, and for my business it’s fantastic. He is also very diligent and caring. Even during off hours he returns my urgent requests quickly, and perfectly done.

Sales Director
B-to-B Manufacturer (Busan, Korea)

Now I know why we need an expert, native English editor

I’ve been totally satisfied with the editing I received from Adam. My company in Japan deals with international export of automobiles, but we had been using a website full of English errors. We did it ourselves, and we thought that was “good enough.” Now we realize how much misunderstanding it created. Adam made the English professional and effective and we now have much less confusion, get fewer basic questions, and can confidently point customers to the website.

Trade Manager
Automobile Export Company (Kobe, Japan)

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Professional Editing & Proofreading: Free of Bias, Fair for All

Around the world are superb individuals and companies seeking to be productive and profitable global citizens. In my studies and travels I learned the value of global exchange. Often, communication is the last obstacle productive relationships across borders. Editing can fix that. Editing can remove that obstacle.

People are not entitled to a better life merely because they were born into a higher-level economy or have a wealthy family. Everyone should work to earn their place in the world. So if you are born in Lagos, Hanoi, or Ciudad de Guatemala you deserve the same chances in life. Therefore, customers from IMF-defined emerging or developing countries can receive a 25% or greater discount on all services.

I want to be your partner in English communication. Quality is not sacrificed in offering editing at a price you can afford. This is a token of respect. Let's win, and keep winning.


WorldEdits Founder and Chief Editor Adam G.


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