Editing for the Health Sciences
Editing, formatting, rewriting for researchers, scholars, NGOs/NPOs, economics and business, governmental ministries, think tanks, and international communicators. An editor who’s on your team, to make sure you change the world.

Experienced. Cooperative. Comprehensive.

The final touch that will get your message through,
in natural, modern, superb English.
A board-certified health sciences editor with a 20-year track record.

Manuscript Editing

Scientific and academic publishing has its own language and rules. Do you understand how to make a great abstract? Are you wondering what data to put in the text or tables? Is your English error-free? I can fix all that, for your health sciences and related research. We'll get your work accepted.

Report Editing

Now that you've done the work, research, and writing, let's make sure the English is outstanding so your stakeholders understand the value. Even more, we'll make sure it's readable. I'll adjust the readability based on scientific scales so your work will be proven clear and effective.

Key Areas of Work

I can edit with high confidence in all the following fields, as well as most social sciences.


Public Health & Medical

addiction, aids/HIV, anatomy, behavioral science, clinical applications, community health, environmental health, epidemiology, health care, health economics, infectious diseases, mental health, nursing, policy, psychology, public health, rehabilitation, socioeconomics, sports medicine, toxicology, vaccines

So Many Editors. Why Choose WorldEdits?

Because you don’t want to take chances. Because you want to know your editor. Because you value editing as a skill.
If you want a board-certified native-English-speaking scientific editor who lives and works abroad, holds multiple higher degrees, has edited 2,000+ manuscripts in fields ranging from clinical to political policy to computing, and who you will know personally, you’re in the right place.

Big Differences

  • Edited over 2,000 scientific manuscripts
  • Edited hundreds of policy papers, NGO reports, annual reports, investor materials
  • Personal, one-to-one service
  • MBA, MS in Health Sciences, another master’s in something kind of obscure, BA in Journalism, and Board-Certified Editor in the Life Sciences
  • Veteran of Silicon Valley, NGOs, editing, writing, and digital marketing

Client Authors’ Publications

  • Applied Research in Quality of Life
  • BMC Open
  • Clinical Rheumatology
  • Health Policy
  • International Journal of Health Promotion and Education
  • International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science
  • Journal of Cleaner Production
  • Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Ocean & Coastal Management
  • Psychology, Health & Medicine
    and many more

Recent Projects

  • Manuscript on algorithmic approaches to childbirth
  • Manuscript on AI for B2B applications and business reform
  • Policy report for European environmental NGO
  • Business editing and direct response copywriting for Tokyo novelty company
  • Scientific press releases for international publicity
  • Content creation and management for high-profile SaaS firm in Tokyo

Questions? Not sure what you need? No problem!

Your research, your work, your life – this is what you spend your time, effort, and passion on. Getting published and getting heard is essential. My job is giving you the best chance at success.