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You're not alone in this world, you've got someone to help

Especially when English isn’t your first language, you have to find a trustworthy partner to fix it up for you.
I try to be that partner. And I’ve worked at it for a long time.

I've been at this for 2/3 of my life

WorldEdits never really started… it just already was.

Let me explain.

I’ve been editing since high school In living in Japan and other parts of Asia, I was often asked to “check” people’s English. That was easy. I’m a good speller. But scientific, technical, and professional content needed much more knowledge. Otherwise it was just a light proofread.

It wasn’t a good enough service if someone was submitting to a high-impact journal and I was just checking the language based on my own common sense.

There are standards and rules in scientific publication.

So I studied and worked and got better.

In addition to my academic degrees, I acquired Board-certified of Editors in the Life Sciences (ELS) qualification. I worked in an economic think tank connected with the Japanese government, then I worked editing for multinationals, and then full-time at manuscript editing for 4 years, and have continued to so while focusing more heavily on writing and marketing.

Somewhere in all that, I put a name on what I do. That name is WorldEdits.

Adam Goulston, MS, MBA, MISD, ELS, CPRW

  • MBA, Marketing
  • MS, Health Sciences (Public Health)
  • MISD (MA equivalent), International Social Development
  • BA, Journalism
  • Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS)
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Global content and social media manager at highly funded Japanese SaaS firm
  • Copywriter and social media adviser for a number of other Asian companies
  • Former senior language editor at Japan-based global academic author-guidance and editing company
  • Have edited over 2,000 manuscripts (by my estimates) hundreds of NGO and technical manuals and documents, and pretty much everything you can put to print
  • Editor at economic research institute tied to Japanese economy ministry
  • Product and community manager with two prominent Silicon Valley-area B2C and B2B companies

WorldEdits' Advantages

Being born speaking English is fortunate. It’s the language of science and of international communication. I use it for work, but for life I use Japanese much of the time. I understand what it’s like to communicate DEEP THOUGHTS in a 2nd tongue.

I’ll be direct here, and with all due respect. I work with some exceptional people who studied in English and call themselves native speakers, though they are not. They speak English, but in 99.9% of cases it’s somewhat unnatural, or very unnatural. They are typically from India, Pakistan, certain African countries, or even from countries where English is very commonly used and not even an unofficial first language. Most editing services hire such folks (especially Indians) and other non-inner-circle English speakers. Why? Simple: they’re well-educated, they work for low wages, and on paper they claim to be fluent in English. The problem is, English is not their real first language. They were educated in the language, they use it in some communication, but unlike most Americans, English, or Australians, for instance, they don’t speak it at home or with their close acquaintances. They speak Hindi, Chinese, Swahili, etc. first. As a result, they use outdated, unnatural, and often just incorrect English. Indian and other non-native Englishes will make you sound odd and will hurt your chances of publication and credibility. And if you’re not fluent in English, you probably can’t see the problems in their work. I respect them for making a living, but I don’t respect them for lying about their abilities. Nor do I respect the companies who present them as native speakers. I use US or UK English, which are the common standards in international publication. With an English mom and education in Australia, both styles are natural to me.

It’s your valuable work. My job is to make it shine. That’s it. Your name is on it. I’m really interested in you and in what you’re writing about. I can help you succeed. I’m not here to force ideas on you or make your writing sound like mine. I aim to retain your style and voice as much as possible, while perfecting the English. Success is when you get a terrific work, not when I get your money.

I’m a Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS). This means that, even though I come from a social science background, I’m verified as an expert in handling statistics, tables, figures, manuscript structure, publishing ethics, and of course, complex scientific English.

I’m not some random native English speaker, and I’ve done more than study. I’ve worked in IT, economics, and NGOs, as well as in professional manuscript editing.

Like the one on the left. That’s in Yokohama. I sometimes post to Flickr as well. If you need some Japan photos, I can do that for you as well.

Hey friend, need an edit? Let's talk.

You're always dealing with a human here. It's me, and I'm pretty good at this. I love it, too. Write me up and tell me what you need. Even if I can't do it (sorry, I don't do chemistry!), I can find you someone.