Editing and Rewriting Services

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Communicate your health sciences, public health, and related research clearly, naturally.

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If you have a manuscript, conference submission, presentation, report, or any other communication of valuable knowledge in the health sciences, and you need editing, I’ll help you, guaranteed. Check my portfolio for some examples of my editing and writing.

Manuscript Editing

Prepare Your Research Submission
•Editing of spelling & grammar, tone, terminology, tables & figures, references
•Checking of publication guidelines
•Document formatting
•Abstract and cover letter creation
•Word reduction, rewriting

Organization Reports

Communicate with Stakeholders
•Annual reports
•Email newsletters
•Donor communications
•Grants and proposals
•NGO, NPO, etc.

The Normal WorldEdits Editing Process

1) Submit Your Materials

Use the Contact form or email. We’ll use Google Drive or Dropbox for large files.

2) Submit Your Materials

I’ll assess it and send you a quote and time for completion. Give me the OK and we’ll start. 50% up front payment is required.

3) I Do My Job

I’ll edit your work. I’ll contact you with any immediate questions, or leave comments for larger issues. I use Track Changes in Word so you can see all changes.

4) You Receive Your Edit!

I’ll email it to you via a secure server or use a secure cloud service.

For Word documents, you’ll receive a Tracked version with all changed visible, and a Clear version with changes accepted. Comments and suggestions are also included.

The Tracked copy will look like this:

5) Revise or Approve (& Pay)

Review the edit carefully. Check that you agree with the changes. Make further changes. You can get a free 2nd edit to fix it up. If more than 2 edits are needed, I’ll work with you.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

6+) You’ve Got a Friend

Reach out to me. Ask me for advice. Add me on your social networks

I don’t charge for advice and I’ll do anything I can to help you out.

So... How Much is It?



Typical jobs are $0.10/word. This excludes things like equations and long lists of numbers.

You’ll find this is more expensive than general freelancers, but competitive with specialists. For a Board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences, and with multiple postgraduate degrees and extensive experience, it’s competitive.

In some cases I will offer discounts if you can prove you’re from a developing economy or otherwise have reasonable financial constraints.

Writing and Other Jobs

If you need me to do a press release, homepage, etc., I generally base my prices on AWAI rates. Please see my digital content and copywriting service Tsujiru if you need original writing. Or if you need a resume/CV, see intResume.

Just want some free advice? Please ask. It's free.

Use the contact form or email directly using the link on the right. Send as much information as possible and I'll get back to you quickly (typically within 12 hours, if not much sooner).