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Product Descriptions and Promotion, Scientific & Medical, Sales & Marketing, Reports, Catalogs, Brochures, Newsletters, Event Promotion, E-mails, Manuals, Press Releases, Signs, Menus, Guidelines, Airbnb and Roomshare Listings, Amazon Ads, eBay and Yahoo! Auctions, Alibaba, Freelancing Services, Google AdWords


Résumés/CVs, Cover Letters, Personal Statements, Applications, Statements of Purpose, Speeches, Personal Homepage, LinkedIn, etc.

Business Editing

English proofreading and editing clarifies your business message, boosts sales, and increases brand exposure. You need to get your message through to your audience in the right tone, and in English this is especially challenging. We fix basic grammar and spelling, make sure word choice is accurate, and in some cases rewrite. If requested, we can refine the writing for SEO/SEM success using training in AdWords and Analytics as well as a host of tool for the purpose. This is massive added value. MS Word-based edits used Track Changes. See an example edit with Tracked Changes.

Below are listed some of the most common type of business writing. If you have something not on this list, get in touch and we’ll let you know if we can handle it (the answer is probably “yes, we can”).

Business English Correspondence Editing and Proofreading

These days, almost all companies regularly use e-mail in all stages of a business transaction. These include: inquiries, price estimates and quotes, negotiations, travel arrangements, dealing with suppliers, exchanging ideas, and essentially every aspect of professional communication. Enlist us to make sure you are communicating the right information in the right tone. This will both save money in preventing lost changes, and make money in building great relationships.

Advertising and Marketing Materials

Text for advertising and marketing needs to be edited in a significantly different style than an essay, e-mail, or annual report. The style depends heavily on the product/service, and on the audience. Tone varies by country. We can edit your prepared materials or work with you to deeply examine your objectives, audience, and the tools you are using. Your sales are sure to go up after we help you communicate.

Company Homepage Editing

Your global homepage is to appeal to the world. Yet when the English is auto-translated, prepared by a non-native, or edited by an amateur who does not understand the art English tone, you are not using global English and you can do far more damage than good. A potential customer will quickly click away from a page that has bad English.

Make your message clear, in professional English.

We can either edit files you send us, or will be happy to edit the content directly on your site so you don’t need to bother with a great deal of copying and pasting. We are comfortable editing in straight html or through content management systems such as those behind WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Changes can be made to accommodate keywords lists or SEO enhancement can be requested as an add on.

Business Presentation Editing and Proofreading

Presentations are tough, and even tougher when English isn’t your first language. When English is not your native language and you have to use it, the most common problems are (1) trying your best but still producing unnatural English, (2) copying your native style of presentation. Both produce bad outcomes. Good English presentations do not use too many words and present the key points in a sharp and dynamic way. We check your presentations carefully to verify that they are grammatical, professional, and engaging. We can also offer feedback on the design and presentation, and edit a script and presentation together, so they work as an effective combination.

Marketplace Advertising, Listings

Amazon and Alibaba are just two big names among the many online marketplaces. People around the world are taking to the Internet to see their products through direct delivery and drop-shipment. Unfortunately, this can also lead to a great deal of misrepresentation and confusing.

  • Are you selling something online?
  • Is your main business selling through online marketplaces?

We will refine your message so people know what you have and can easily see why they want it. This way, customers will trust you, contact you, purchase from you. We make your listings accurate and effective. We can also assist with your correspondence with customers and suppliers. This removes confusion, reduces returns and refunds, and leads to profitable business and repeat customers.

Accommodation and Travel Listings and Promos

Led by Airbnb, people are opening up their homes and properties to travelers from around the world. New systems are also popping up for tour guides and other forms of locally guided, authentic travel experiences. These all start with an accurate and compelling description of what you are offering.

  • Describe your beautiful apartment.
  • Give details about hot spots in your city.
  • Offer tips and hints, and describe yourself so people will trust you.

Must of the room-sharing and service-based economy revolves around trust, and trust is established through clear and honest communication. Let us make your online efforts appear in attractive English. We can also assist with your customer queries and with answering personal requests.

English in the international language of sharing, and we know what people want to hear.

Auction Listings and Bidder Communication

As with online marketplaces, auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo! Auction provide a place for people from one part of the world to sell to those in another part of the world. Some people do this a full-time business. But what if your advertisement does not give an accurate decision of what you are selling? Simply, no one will buy. Even worse, you may sell something and then have a very angry customer who wants to send your product back.

Much of these issues can be avoided with the listing is in clear English. We will not only clean up basic language mistakes and use more effective words, we will help you lay out the information in a logical order, and offer suggestions for how you can avoid potential problems. We can also assist with your customer communications. Auctions are dynamic and competitive.

You’ll do your best in English with our help.

General Professional Editing

Essays, articles, resumes and CVs (yes, they are different), SNS and blog posts, there are so many types of English text making their way around the world. If you do not project yourself with appropriate and correct English, you can very quickly sour your chances at acceptance, mislead or repel people, and even create confusion or anger in the other person? We are sensitive to this and we will never judge you on your English. Instead, we will improve it to your satisfaction, working with you to help you communicate with the world.

Moreover, if you’re in a developing country, we’re going to make it affordable for you. Just because you’re not born into an advanced economy and not born speaking English does not mean you should have an immediate disadvantage. We’re here to put you at the same level with the rest of the world.

Resume or CV Editing

A resume and a CV are not the same thing. The style used differs not only by country but also by job type and career level. We will be sure to craft the version you need depending on your location and desired use.
*Note that this sort of editing is more involved and interactive and will not be at normal rates. Please feel free to inquire with us for specifics.

Personal Homepage Editing

In this modern electronic world, it’s a great idea to have a personal homepage on which you introduce yourself and/or your products or services. Company and personal pages are different, and need varying tones and word choice depending on the purpose. We can greatly enhance the impact of your homepage while offering ideas for improvement. We can also review materials you put on there, such as writing samples, and offer guidance, at an hourly rate, for SEO consultation.

Social Networking and Blogs

Do you keep a blog or have a regular social media presence? Whether for personal or professional reasons, if you want to communicate in natural English, we can be your regular partner as your establish your personal brand. These days, your social media presence is also a 24-hour advertisement and reflection of you. If you apply for a job, are trying to get into a school, or even have a date coming up, people will be searching your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, and other accounts. Make sure you use powerful language. We can provide 1-day turnaround. The minimum fee is for 100 words.

Business Correspondence

When applying for a job, placing an application, negotiating a deal, you may need assistance ot be sure you say the right things and in the right tone. Many foreign speakers can come across as rough or uneducated simply because they lack the vocabulary and proper cultural understanding. We can help. However, please note we do not do so-called micro-editing or brief correspondence and personal messages. If you need to make a strong and professional impact, we are here to help, with turn-around within 1 day.

Native English Editors with Advanced Degrees

We aim to make world-class English editing available for localized prices.

The main editor has 20 years of editing experience in different countries, multiple master’s degrees, and has worked in business, government, and academia. A team is used for larger projects. All editors native-level English proficiency and high qualifications. A signed certificate ensuring your editing is available.

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